Saturday, February 21, 2015

I may not be at QuiltCon but....

Hello world. Waves! It's been a long time since my lovely blog saw any action. No time like the present to remedy that. I have exciting news! I think it may have been the inability to share said exciting news that caused me to be silent. I'm not good with secrets! They drive me a little bonkers :) :) :) A long long long time ago(or at least it feels that way) Sherri Lynn Wood announced she was writing a book.

I may have squeed a little(or a lot) as she was and is a huge inspiration to me. I have an inability to follow a pattern, or rather a complete lack of desire to follow a pattern, and Sherri Lynn was one of the first I found encouraging me think outside the box and just do what I wanted. I found her quilts and blog so refreshing.

 When she announced she needed test quilters I was excited, and not. I almost didn't apply as I was so new to quilting and had only completed a few quilts. I wasn't sure I would be up to the challenge or if she would want such newbies to be part of the testing. In the end I decided a new quilters perspective might be an asset and applied to be a tester. I was thrilled and full of anticipation when I was assigned a score(there are no patterns rather scores, which are more like guidelines) to test. To make a long story short, I did indeed finish a quilt and submit it.

 Much to my surprise and excitement my quilt was chosen to be in the book! My fourth finished quilt EVER(at that point) was going to be published! I packed it up and sent it on a trip to California to be photographed still not really believing what was happening. And have continued to live in a state of anticipation and disbelief that it was real. I was waiting to hold a copy in my hands and SEE my quilt in it to really believe it was true.

That's mine top Left :) :) :)

While I still haven't held a copy in my hand as I wasn't able to make it to QuiltCon this year I have fabulous friend who IS there and was a fan girl by proxy and sent me some lovely photos and now, finally, it seems real. I'm crazy excited! I'm going to do another post once the book is officially released more about my process and my reflections of the book but was too excited not to post something!

Holly got one signed for me!

Um hello some of my favourite things all together! Love!

The Improv Handbook for Modern quilters is available for pre-order(realease date is March 17). Here in Canada, or here in The USA. If you do pre-order or buy one at QuiltCon there is a pre-order give-away you can enter here. I've been stalking QuiltCon like crazy.

Anyone else at home stalking Austin on IG? There is SO much absolutely beautiful quilty inspiration there. One of my favourites is by the wonderful Holly of Holly's red bike. Whom I am blessed to call friend in real life. Isn't it great?

Holly's Mini "Memories of QuiltCon" That is hanging in the show. Photo by  lovequiltingmag.

I'm not sure if you can read that but that's me and my blog in the credits. Yup, I really needed to update my blog!

Stay tuned for another blog about my experience in March!


  1. Big congrats being in this book and being brave to be a tester. I thought about it and talked myself out of it. I have big problems following patterns too so looking forward to this book.

  2. Michelle - this is fabulous news! Holly showed me a copy of the book and your quilt looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! Fabulous news, so exciting!

  4. I'm so proud of you for taking on this challenge and making a gorgeous quilt! I'm happy I got to meet Sherri Lynn Wood and have your book inscribed by her. Thanks for sharing a picture of my "Memories of QuiltCon" mini! Looking forward to some beauty shots of your quilt!