Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Second Quilt Finish

I keep talking and thinking about wanting to start writing again on my poor neglected blog. Yet not doing it. No time like the present :)

My second ever quilt finish was actually started well before my first quilt finish. We received fabric from the Madrona Road fabric line by Violet Craft as a challenge through the MQG. It was handed out in Dec 2012 at the VMQG meeting.

I didn't start working on in until Jan, after the crazy holiday season was over. I decided to make a quilt for my nephew who has many health issues and I figured could use some home made love to cuddle in. Sometimes when you feel helpless about a situation, you make a quilt!

I couldn't decide which photos to add so lucky you get to see them all. The light was prettier in the ones above but the ones below are truer to colour.

The quilt top was done in February 2013(I think?), but then I got scared of the actual quilting process. Being that I'd never actually quilted before!

Then once I got it quilted, and discovered that quilting isn't quite so scary! I got scared of doing binding. So much fear for no reason! I have discovered....dun dun dun...That I actually like hand binding. Something I had not anticipated at all!

My inspiration for the design of this Quilt came from the "Stepping-Stones Quilt" in Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen. I didn't follow their directions but just winged it. As I'm learning seems to be my style. I have found I have an inability to use someone else's pattern. No, not an inability, rather no desire what-so-ever to make something exactly as someone else has or may make.

So my plan is to get caught up-ish on my projects over the next few posts. It shouldn't take long as I seem to have a rather slow rate of progress. And my most recent finish can't be shown any ways(that's killing me).


  1. Great job with the quilt! Great job blogging it! I love the big N on the back. Keep up the blogging, it's fun to read!