Saturday, October 5, 2013

My first finish

Do you know how long it's been since I've blogged? No, don't go look back at dates. I'm not talking  time wise, it's more important that that! It's quilt time. In quilt time I haven’t blogged in 3 quilts time. Since I've blogged I've finished(quilted, bound, labelled, everything!) 3, yes THREE, quilts! I should probably add here that I have only ever finished 3 quilts :)

I believe I can now officially call myself a quilter. I'm a quilter. Yay!

And funnily enough my first finish wasn't my first start, nor what I expected.

In May I suddenly decided to make a quilt for my Grandpa. He's ageing very quickly and lives in Alberta so I don't get to see him very often. We were going to road trip out there and I wanted to leave something of me there with him.

 The front

I had only a month or a bit over until we were leaving so it had to be something quick and simple to make sure I would be able to finish it in time. And I decided to pick fabrics entirely from my stash. Oy. Picking fabrics for others can be tricky!

 The back.

Grandpa with his quilt. Which I perhaps a little uncreatively named "Grandpa's Quilt".

 The kids had a surprise from Grandpa too. His care home had a wood shop and when he was doing well he made these absolutely beautiful gifts for his great grandchildren. They loved them. I love that they have something concrete to associate with him as we don't see him often.

All of us together. Payton has a beautifully painted birdhouse, Sam a dog piggy bank, and Theron a stool. Absolutely priceless gifts.

As those of you with kids know June, end of the school year, is crazy busy. And there were moments that I though I was crazy. But I got it done! With even enough time to show it at the June VMQG meeting. Which was nerve wreaking as I don't like to be the center of attention. But I did it! And now that I've shown 3 times it's no big deal :)


  1. Yes, quilt time is much more important than calendar time in this case! I'm so proud of you, quilter! You've definitely earned the title with your three recent finishes.

  2. Awesome quilt Michelle! I am sure that your Grandpa adores being surrounded by your love! I love that he has made things for his great grandchildren. I grandma crocheted some stuffies for my girls a year before she passed. I love that we have them!

  3. yup, you are definitely a quilter! Such a wonderful way to make sure your Grandpa feels loved.