Sunday, November 11, 2012

I love Fall and other randomness

I hope everyone remembers to have a moment of silence today to think of all our soldiers that sacrificed so much striving toward peace!

My husband told me this morning there was snow in the forecast for today. I was so excited and was sky watching. I just checked the forecast though and see no snow. I  lived in Alberta until I was 11 and still miss the snow sometimes. We do get snow here in Vancouver but it's generally pretty brief so I try to enjoy it when it comes. That being said, I'm not in a hurry for fall to be gone. 

The colours around here have been stunning!

Fall is my favourite!
 I haven't gotten anything crafty finished recently although I have been working on things. Maybe I should join WIP(work in progress) Wednesday. I always have lots of projects on the go. I did go to a sew-in with the VMQG(Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild) on fri. That was so much fun. The only pics I took were on instagram though. Does anyone know how to embed photos from instagram into a blog post??

I went to my first meeting of the VMQG last month and was instantly hooked. So many wonderful encouraging people and oh my!! the creativity!! It totally got my creative juices flowing. I'm going to join at the next meeting and am oh so excited about it! Never mind that I have never actually quilted anything before. Sewn and crafted lots of course but the actual quilting process scares me. I am bound and determined  to get over it though and am currently working on a quilt. Yay me! A big thanks to Holly for convincing me I needed to check out a meeting :)

Now to sneak in a few pics of my kids because, well, they're cute!
We paid a visit to the bunny patch recently.

My husband is apparently good at catching black baby bunnies.

My kids were pretty pleased :)

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  1. It has certainly felt cold enough that it might snow lately! Gorgeous fall photos (please make them bigger so I can see all the details!)!

    WIP Wednesday is always very encouraging! Go for it! Hmm... it would be good to be able to blog your instagram pics easily. I've seen people doing it, but haven't tried myself yet.

    I love hearing about people getting hooked on the VMQG! Don't worry, we'll get you through the quilting part.

    Cute kids, as always!